Eleven hours from Delhi lies the majestic Dhauladhar ranges at a height of almost 3000 meters which surges up to 6000 meters. An abode of highly technical and intense trekking.

An overnight bus journey is not comfortable but adventurous, and if you are willing to drive all the way up, it is advisable to take half day off on Friday because you might have to stop and take frequent breaks, it is an exhausting drive. But parathas at Murthal will rejuvenate you.

Instead of waking up to your phone, pollution and noise, when you reach Dharamshala, you will witness cleanliness and cold weather, that will beguile you and convince you to make it your residence. It has an an aura of spirituality and peace, being the headquarters of Central Tibetan Administration- the Tibetan government in exile, and the residence of Dalai Lama, His Holiness.

A must – visit for every traveler, novice or a veteran is the Namgyal Monastery which is the training institute for Buddhist Monks. Experience Buddhist Art and culture that will sooth your senses and make you a wise and profound being. McLeodganj, a suburb of Dharamshala is 30 minutes away and the mall road is a hub of Tibetan handicrafts, carpets and other souvenirs. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in the range to suit your palate from Italian, Tibetan, Japanese and even Book themed cafes. Some of the top places to eat in the range are:

  • Morgan’s Place
  • Nick’s Italian Kitchen
  • Tibet kitchen
  • Café Illiterati- if you are a book fanatic
  • Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen
  • Lung Ta

If you are seeking out for an adventure on the weekend, head to Triund hill located at the foot of Dhauladhar ranges. A 10 km trek starting from Dharamkot passing through the oak and cedar trees. Make sure you have a good pair of trekking or hiking shoes because the path is rocky and you might sprain your ankle, carry Relispray, crepe bandage, a few basic medicines, good backpack and a tent if you plan to stay overnight and mingle with other wanderers.

Triund is an ideal spot to meditate

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