Tourism has great potential to change the world. Tourism is an industry that continues to grow. Over 1.4 billion tourists are expected to travel internationally in 2020 bringing with it the opportunity for cultural exchange, economy building, and what’s becoming increasingly important – “sustainable development”.

Tourism is in a very special position to benefit local communities, economically and socially, and to raise awareness and support for conservation of the environment. Within the tourism sector, economic development and environmental protection should not be seen as opposing forces—they should be pursued hand in hand as aspirations that can and should be mutually reinforcing. From employment of local people, increase of cultural pride, educating the tourist, and commuting through local transport will steadily boost the purpose of Ecotourism and give immense confidence to local people from these several pristine ecotourism spots.

It is important to understand the environment. Everyone and everything that surrounds us, deserves to live, breathe, and be respected.