Do you want to study engineering, medicine or law? Get employed with a handsome salary and benefits, get married and have children?

Well, the chances are you will either drift away in search of following your dreams midway because let’s be serious, most of us Indians don’t want to become engineers, lawyers or doctors in reality now, since there are several career paths to tread on.

For a community who heavily relies on Bollywood, we didn’t learn a thing from the movie “Taare Zameen Par” and for a country that offers such a versatile landscape, we Indians are not fond of exploring the outdoors.

We mentioned in our last post that India has a lot of experiential activities like; trekking, hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, surfing, wildlife, river rafting, climbing, and learn a lot about the vast flora and fauna. Albeit, the world of social media has got us rattled and parental pressure mentally deteriorates us.

As we are about to finish the second month of 2020, we want everyone in India to go out, start small.
Go for nature walks, learn about birds, learn to predict the weather looking at the sky, be inquisitive about different flowers and smell them, and as you progress slowly, prepare yourself for the next step.

To go for Hikes and trust us, we say this with experience, you will always be enveloped with a marvelous sense of well being. You will feel physically and mentally strong, you will understand the importance of eating healthy, and not indulging in habits like smoking.
We are starting an online outdoor course so for any queries regarding the course, do contact us at theinneroutdoors@gmail.com