She is out of the bus and inhaled as much mountain air she could. She fretted the dirt from her lungs of the city’s polluted air. The chores and tea break is over and everyone is going back to board the bus, the driver started the bus and she put herself back to sleep patiently waiting for her destination. The patience is worth all the inevitable pain and trouble that the bus travelling entails; back ache, nausea and dizziness. It is inexplicable how she longs for the mountains, but if put to a very simple theory, it is as equivalent to how a young woman feels and desires to wait for the right man and her first kiss. Maybe that is how she is feeling.  To her every onset and eventuality in the journey of life is nothing, but a step further towards it. As if the whole life is a mountain and the current moment is the peak. As if all our lives are waves of thoughtless storm and the present moment is the shore. Everything that has happened and everyone and everything she becomes is one step closer towards – This Calling!
As if all the paths she has ever walked upon, were to reach the peak of this moment.


He packed his bag pack with a few basics, windcheater, hiking poles, some other trekking essentials and booked a one-way ticket after a lot of struggle with the availability, but struggle, for him is always ephemeral as he has mastered the art of overcoming every obstacle with dedication and endurance. He managed to book a ticket for the last bus of the day.
He wants to escape, escape to explore diversified things. From meeting honeymooners, attending wild parties, indulging in adventure sports seeking peace and serenity. He has a special affinity for the mountains. His previous trips being transformational. He thinks the hills soak the person in its extraordinary magnificence. But he has higher intentions. His sole purpose is to brush up his mind in the lap of Himalayan mountains and start afresh. To him, peace, perspective, and wisdom are best derived from the mountains, and they generously impart it to the surrendered beings who seek to live life to the fullest.
He thinks the mountains stand mighty and majestic despite all weathers, making a person drawn innocently towards their mystical aura that exudes compelling purity and sanctity, enveloping the earth entirely in its inextricable fold.


We hope this Holi onward, everyone will tune into the colors of adventure. When the weather is pleasant with balmy breeze, the mountains and the river on either side are your personal trainers pushing you to go forward and explore more amidst the lush greenery. You get mesmerized with such amazing scenic beauty: water, mountains and greenery all together. There is no one but just you on the street with birds above flying and guiding you on the path and you finally stop to take a good view and inhale fresh air. This is the best way to enjoy colours, colours of adventure. This is the way we want you to celebrate Holi every year. So, are you game?

We are organizing some mystical adventure trips next month, on the sweet occasion of Good Friday. So feel free to contact us at


There is a lot of chaos and fear because of the Corona Virus these days. Since 31 December 2019 and as of 6 March 2020, 98 171 cases in the world have been reported, including 3385 deaths.

According to The Telegraph – The source of the corona virus is believed to be a “wet market” in Wuhan, China which sold both dead and live animals including fish and birds.  Such markets pose a heightened risk of viruses jumping from animals to humans because hygiene standards are difficult to maintain if live animals are being kept and butchered on site. Typically, they are also densely packed. The animal source of the latest outbreak has not yet been identified, but the original host is thought to be bats. Bats were not sold at the Wuhan market but may have infected live chickens or other animals sold there. 

Image result for coronavirus

We don’t want to blame any country but messing with animals can have serious consequences.  But there is a way to beat the virus, and it is all about simplicity.

Imagine a vast plain ground of grass, a huge meadow. And now, imagine yourself as a kid visiting the Disney land of grass. You inch up to the hill and the cards of nature will flip as the view changes from forest to a magnificent view of large number of clouds drawing beautiful shapes with shining light of a setting sun falling on the snow-capped peaks.

Surrounded by mountain peaks all around this ground is a beautiful place called BuniBuni. With a 360-degree view of the beautiful snow-capped mountains.

A mountain peak in the shape of a crescent moon that we used to see on top of us from Kalga in Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India.

It is so mesmerizing that it radiates a feeling of ultimate happiness.

Buni Buni pass is a hidden paradise in Parvati Valley. It takes a day hike from Kalga Village to reach this beautiful place of big meadows surrounded by Snow Capped Mountains.

Just enjoy simple cooked food with the locals, the uphill walks with dogs who accompany you, smell the flora and fauna around, and always respect nature.

This year trek with us to BuniBuni pass and beat the fear of Corona Virus.

For queries contact us at at


Eleven hours from Delhi lies the majestic Dhauladhar ranges at a height of almost 3000 meters which surges up to 6000 meters. An abode of highly technical and intense trekking.

An overnight bus journey is not comfortable but adventurous, and if you are willing to drive all the way up, it is advisable to take half day off on Friday because you might have to stop and take frequent breaks, it is an exhausting drive. But parathas at Murthal will rejuvenate you.

Instead of waking up to your phone, pollution and noise, when you reach Dharamshala, you will witness cleanliness and cold weather, that will beguile you and convince you to make it your residence. It has an an aura of spirituality and peace, being the headquarters of Central Tibetan Administration- the Tibetan government in exile, and the residence of Dalai Lama, His Holiness.

A must – visit for every traveler, novice or a veteran is the Namgyal Monastery which is the training institute for Buddhist Monks. Experience Buddhist Art and culture that will sooth your senses and make you a wise and profound being. McLeodganj, a suburb of Dharamshala is 30 minutes away and the mall road is a hub of Tibetan handicrafts, carpets and other souvenirs. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in the range to suit your palate from Italian, Tibetan, Japanese and even Book themed cafes. Some of the top places to eat in the range are:

  • Morgan’s Place
  • Nick’s Italian Kitchen
  • Tibet kitchen
  • Café Illiterati- if you are a book fanatic
  • Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen
  • Lung Ta

If you are seeking out for an adventure on the weekend, head to Triund hill located at the foot of Dhauladhar ranges. A 10 km trek starting from Dharamkot passing through the oak and cedar trees. Make sure you have a good pair of trekking or hiking shoes because the path is rocky and you might sprain your ankle, carry Relispray, crepe bandage, a few basic medicines, good backpack and a tent if you plan to stay overnight and mingle with other wanderers.

Triund is an ideal spot to meditate


Narkanda, in Himachal Pradesh is at an altitude of 2708 meters on the Hindustan-Tibet Road and 65 kms above Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

Narkanda is famous for its apple orchards and it also becomes a major ski center in winter. There are about 20 hotels and guest houses in the area so one has to book accommodation in advance. People say it is an ideal retreat for tourists who seek seclusion in the mountains but it is much more than that. It is as if the mountains want to communicate with you, as if the sky is generous and allows our existence beneath, it pours as if the showers are meant to baptize us, as if all of us were meant to be there and expand our horizon about nature.

As you walk on the Hindustan- Tibet Road in Narkanda, you will come across an open
stadium with synthetic turf on your right, called the Shilaroo Hockey Stadium. Just the right environment to play sports surrounded by mountains.

The locals are warm-hearted and helpful, and are very enthusiastic to talk, so be ready for a conversation in the local buses and on the roads. 8 Kilometers from Narkanda is the Hatu Peak, where the Hatu Mata Temple is located. A wooden temple that was dedicated to Mandodari (wife of Ravana).

The path is well built and motorable too, the trekking trail takes you through pine, oak, rhododendron, deodar, sil, fir, and spruce trees. Halfway, you also pass through temporary shelters of Gujjars. The open grazing ground Joh Bagh is located 2 kms from the Hatu Mata temple. Almost an hour long trek via a forest area consisting of Oak trees takes you to the verdant meadows of JauBagh. The meadows are ideal for pitching your tents and camping.

A perfect destination for kids to learn the importance of outdoors and connect with nature and get off gadgets. It’s an easy and doable trek assisted with guides or parents.

Level- Easy

Distance- 14 kms, it will take around 6 hours to reach the peak. You have an option of staying overnight and camping the next whole day. A good weekend camping location with your family and friends.

Ideal season- May to June & September to November

How to get there- Train or car.

Train- Delhi to Kalka and Kalka to Shimla. Shimla to Narkanda by car


When we are traversing the path to the absolute, we have to come in contact with many variegated entities from – hobgoblins, ghosts, witches’ demigods, sages, and monks.

Lord Shiva guards the doorway to what matters the most – our transcendental life. He guides all those who are willing to traverse the path to the absolute, assuring them safe passage through all the stages of devotion. He guides us to the summit and through the summit we will reach our transcendental life. A life that should matter the most to us.

We can all pray to Lord Shiva, in fact we can all pray to anyone and everyone, there is never a restriction. It is a myth to pray according to our religion. Each god has a role to play and if we carefully comprehend the roles of each god, we will further comprehend our roles in the big schemes of things in life.

This year we urge you to take blessings from Lord Shiva and visit the Mantalai Lake trek that falls on the way to Pin Parvati Pass. Mantalai Lake is the source of Parvati River, a holy lake situated at almost an altitude of 13,500 Ft. The lake is situated deep and mysteriously in the middle of shiny and snowy white mountains of Parvati Valley. For more queries on the trek, e-mail us at
Happy Maha Shivaratri to everyone, let’s overcome darkness and ignorance together and climb as many mountains.


Encounters are often spontaneous, you’d meet a like minded soul and even share an hour of intense life- changing experiences, you’d joke and laugh and bond, and then… move on perhaps never to see them again. Then again perhaps you would in another world in another time, perhaps in another Internet cafe.
If you want to read more of this, FOLLOW our blog and share crazy encounters of your travels. Use #theinneroutdoors. The craziest encounter gets this beautifully written book called “Walking The Himalayas by @levison.wood
The last date to share your story is on 23 February, Sunday.
Waiting to read some crazy travel encounters.


The wind is vehement and cold, the shepherds with their herd of sheep are ascending the steps adjacent to the ridge, besides the river. The tall and lush green trees stood profusely and majestically as if greeting the azure sky. The pleasant fragrance of wild yellow and purple flowers spread its magic. It is a lovely morning, crepuscular rays giving a glow to the environment. He sat on a mossy rock at the edge of the river devouring the weather. He took a deep rejuvenating breath and realized he needed no one, but this picturesque view of the mountains that he is sheathed in. The only sound he could hear is of the birds chirping melodiously, flying past over him making the atmosphere livelier.

He wanted to know himself, so the words came out. “I only have mountains as my mentor. Mountains give me peace and perspective. Living in the city makes me feel adrift despite the comfort and the visionary aura. My heart craves for calm, not the solitude, but that innocent and pure spontaneity. It is, when I am in the mountains, I feel purposeful, loved and protected, as if, the mountains want me beside them, don’t want me to go. I don’t know if anyone is aware of the fact that mountains speak to you. All you have to do is to be willing to hear them”. The mountains are powerful and well spoken.


Owning an Indian passport is not a novelty. There are only about 60 countries you can travel without a visa or visa on arrival. It is frustrating because India is the second-most popular market for Instagram, and when everyone around the world is posting beautiful travel pictures on Instagram, we think India being such a large market is lagging.
But there is a place in India which seems to be a country on its own.
Surely the gods live here, this is no place for men, were the words described by the famous English journalist and author, Sir Rudyard Kipling.

Not as if we know what heaven feels like, but it must surely be like this. You don’t attain salvation after the seventh realm, you attain Manali. Yes, Manali it is. Nestled at an altitude of somewhere about 2000 meters in the state of Himachal Pradesh amidst lush green Deodar trees, it is a hidden gem. The snow-capped mountains and the lush green trees remain silent but observe each tourist of their desires and purpose of the visit, therefore, conveying the message to the omnipotent presence. Hence, the on-arrival Visa is granted, but the visitors are not aware of it.

A magical location in the Indian Himalayas exuding freshness and a vibe of divinity, after all, it is situated near Kullu valley, the valley which is often referred to as the ‘Valley of Gods’.

Instead of a destination, Manali has become a notion interpreted in many ways, some of which are – The drugs and hippie capital of India, a major holiday and drive destination of North India, some strongly boast about the breathtaking natural beauty being the hallmark of this valley, the part of high Himalayan mountains which hold the last snow ranges of the region, a place with thick forests amidst beautiful foliage and flowers and the gastronomical capital of Himachal Pradesh.

The things you can do in Manali:

Adventure Sports- Mountaineering, trekking, rock- climbing, mountain biking, river rafting, bouldering, camping. People from around the world come to Manali for such sporting activities. 

Food- Manali is well known for its variegated cuisine, it is the gastronomical capital of Himachal Pradesh. From cozy cafes to themed restaurants, the local food freshly cooked in the guest homes and Israeli shacks with Hebrew written on its entry, you can find the most exotic dishes to savor.

The secret parties- only if you are lucky enough, you would manage to uncover groups that host wicked parties in the mountainous region. And, once you are invited, you will remember the party forever.

Hindu Temples- there are significant temples, each holding its importance and they are sure not to be missed out on. Some of them are, Hidimba Devi Temple, Manu Temple, and Vashisth Temple.

Manali is a hidden gem in India which you can’t afford to miss. For queries related to travelling or different adventures in and around Manali, contact us at

Jayant Jayneel is a wanderer by soul and a writer by heart. He had read Robinson Crusoe when he was ten in 1999, and did his first trek in 2000, Sitlakhet/Ranikhet circuit. Since then he has been on foot, mostly in the Indian Himalayas looking for stories. A Bachelor of Arts graduate in Tourism & Hospitality management from Raffles College, Singapore. He has completed 24 treks and has been to 12 countries, and has also dived in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, just for the thrill. He has worked with the best adventure travel company of India – Snow Leopard Adventures and Himalayan Caravan Adventure in Old Manali leading groups and promoting outdoor education. He has worked in the field of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality building and motivating dynamic teams focused on accurately administering company programs through writing content, copy and conceptualizing ideas. Jayant has also worked with Decathlon Sports India in their mountain sports brand – Quechua

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